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Alya Skin's Beautyworld stand featured iconic Clay Mask, new products, and a refreshed aesthetic, captivating buyers, retailers, and influencers, reinforcing
Skelp! haircare focuses on nurturing the scalp, promoting healthier hair from the roots.
Alya Skin's recent Kind To Biome endorsement acknowledges its pioneering microbiome-friendly skincare, solidifying its commitment to nurturing sensitive skin through
Kyla combines hemp and probiotics to fortify the skin barrier, showcasing a new standard in effective skincare solutions.
Frostbland's acquisition of Alya Skin is a pivotal step in their long-term revenue strategy, unlocking fresh opportunities for export and
Manny Barbas and James Hachem aren’t your typical boys. At 24 years old, Barbas and Hachem, who had known each
Celebrity MUA Michael Brown shares his tips on how to maintain false lashes yourself. With beauty salons reopening on June
ARDELL has become the world’s leading brand in faux eyelashes because it has stayed true to its mission in wanting
The Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask detoxifies, deeply cleanses, and softens your skin. It provides a moisturising effect and contains
In 1967, Dr. Heinz Maurer pioneered the first commercial soap-free cleansing bar with a pH value of 5.5 to help