Miss Universe’s Wedding with Ardell

Miss Universe Australia, Francesca Hung, took center stage with her stunning DIY wedding makeup, as featured on 7NEWS. Sharing her step-by-step process, Francesca highlighted the elegance and simplicity of her look, putting the spotlight on one key element—Ardell Lashes.

Francesca’s preferred lashes for her captivating gaze were the Ardell Double Individual Lashes in Medium and the Ardell DuraLash Flare Lashes Starter Kit. With precision and care, she crafted a timeless and charming eye look that radiated sophistication.

Francesca praised these lashes, stating, “They make the most amount of difference on the eye, so you can’t skip them.” The exclusive focus on Ardell Lashes not only showcased Francesca’s unique charm but also celebrated the brand’s role in achieving a personalized and graceful bridal look.

For brides seeking inspiration, Francesca’s wedding beauty, featured on 7NEWS, serves as a perfect example of how Ardell Lashes can elevate your bridal aesthetic. Explore the full details of Francesca’s captivating wedding beauty on 7NEWS, where every nuance, especially the brilliance of Ardell Lashes, steals the spotlight.

Image Credit: TikTok & 7News