Health Alert

Today’s modern lifestyle however requires a ‘always on’ 24/7 approach to everything- including your health and wellbeing.

Health Alert are self-testing kits designed to ensure privacy to perform your test where suits, at the time most convenience to you and delivering results in minutes, allowing you peace of mind and confidence as to whether a traditional doctor’s visit is warranted.

Health Alert UTI Home Testing kit was the very first on the Australian market, due to the intensive and lengthy registration process required. No medical knowledge or training required, and no awaiting results.

Just simple and easy to use, with added assurance of TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) Registration, ARTG (Australian Register of  Therapeutic Goods) inclusion and WAND (Web Assisted Notification of Devices for NZ) registration.

Health Alert will continue to expand it’s range of self-testing kits across all of the most significant areas of health and wellbeing.