With over 50 irresistible scents to choose from, ranging from the rich and bold, to the sweet, fruity and floral, there is a So…? scent to fit every style, mood and occasion.

Behind each scent are the hours of research and development to ensure quality and affordability.
So…? Fragrance prides themselves on bringing their customers unique perfumes that are designed to empower the wearer, and impress anyone she should meet!

What They Say…
“We were the first international brand that signed Frostbland as a distributer in 1999 and our relationship has gone from strength to strength. Frostbland is top class, well run business, with an eye for detail. In fact, we have used them as a model (case study) to implement some of their good practices with other distributors in several countries around the world. Frostbland has a great understanding of the challenges and opportunities in their markets is without equal. The Company and its staff are extremely professional, fair and work very effectively as a team, providing our brand with the ideal local partner for Australia and N. Zealand”

Karim Gangji : So…? Fragrance : Managing Director