Drug Alert

Drug Alert home testing kits have been carefully manufactured and tested to comply with Australian and New Zealand standards, using the same technology found in professional screening laboratories.

This innovative technology is non-invasive, and can detect up to 12 illicit & prescription drugs, giving users 99% accurate results within 5 minutes of taking the test.

Drug Alert is designed to combat the damaging effects of drugs within our society, be they in our homes, schools, places of employment or sporting arenas.

Featuring three different kits that test for drug use across marijuana, street drugs and prescription drugs, Drug Alert has all of your bases covered.

Drug Alert’s goal is to assist people to live healthy, happy and safer lives by living free from the emotional, mental and physical effects that result from drug abuse.

The next time you or someone you know is unsure of the levels of drugs in their system, make sure you are safe with Drug Alert.