Sliick™ Not Your Grandmas Wax

Introducing Sliick™ – your gateway to effortless, professional-quality waxing from the comfort of your own home. Our innovative microwave melting cup revolutionises the way you remove unwanted hair, offering salon-style results without the hefty price tag. With Sliick™, heating wax beads is quick and convenient.

Say goodbye to the blade and hello to the bead with Sliick™! From brows to bikini lines, tummy to toes, lips to legs – we’ve got every inch of you covered. Our premium-grade hard wax beads are designed to be gentle on your skin yet tough on stubborn hairs. Flaunt flawless, fuzz-free results with our nourishing, vitamin-rich formula, suitable for all hair types and perfect for use on the face or body. Join the revolution and experience smooth, salon-worthy skin with Sliick™.