Bondi Boost

After months of research, the BondiBoost™ team found a harsh reality… the majority of people are unhappy with their hair quality… for multiple reasons… including thickness, texture, breakage, length, volume and flakiness.

BondiBoost™ decided it was time to solve these problems and pioneer a range of products formulated by a team of industry experts dedicated to the biology of healthier, longer, stronger & thicker feeling hair.

BondiBoost™ replaced “nasty” parabens and sulphates with powerful “good for you” alternatives to protect, nourish and help reduce the signs of hair ageing.

Each BondiBoost™ formula contains carefully selected  essential oils and organic anti-oxidants to effectively  cleanse each strand while depositing powerful ingredients  directly to the scalp to maximise strength, length and  reduce breakage for thicker & longer feeling hair.

While staying true to their roots, they developed their first  formulas with the help of leading industry experts on the  shores of the iconic Bondi Beach and created a range of  products to help you reach your hair goals faster.

That They Say

We have found Frostbland very professional, ethical and prompt to deal with. Every interaction has been a positive one and they truly have a vested interest and intention to build the brands they work with. Their longstanding history in the industry speaks for itself and we had no hesitation in partnering with them and would recommend Frostbland to any brand seeking quality, dedication and professionalism.